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2018 Season 


Directed by Natalie Risk

At 13, Ursa, Hannah, Linney, and Maeve live in their own world of basements, secrets, and backyard ghosts — until the last sleepover of the summer. High school looms, with the promise and threat of reinvention, and the group fractures when shifting beliefs and identities collide in a traumatic accident that none of them can explain. Four years later, questions and accusations fly as the survivors revisit the scene of the “crime” and try to understand what happened, what has been lost, and who they are now.

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Opus is a World Premier!

Directed by William Kyle Odum

'Opus' is about a guy named Dakota who is a new player in Animal Town, a storytelling game invented by his friend Mason for the purpose of creating weird stories and bettering the lives of the players. When a mysterious villain called The Fox sends his player character to Hell, Dakota meets a skeleton named Ronald Opus. As Dakota becomes more attached to Opus and his own Animal Town experience, the barriers between the real world and the world of Animal Town begin to fade, and the story becomes much too real for Dakota's own good.

The Family Marcher is a World Premier!

Directed by Sam Lowry

A stern military father. 

A grieving and inconsolable mother. 

An son and his two estranged siblings. 

This drama set against the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean coastline delves into what makes familial blood thicker than water and the prices we pay for the family we have. 


The Loom is Woven Theatre's 2nd annual New Works Festival and will feature many never before seen or heard plays from multiple playwrights. 

Special Events

From time to time Woven Theatre hosts special events that aren't necessaryily productions or staged readings.

Photo by Yohei Koinuma