Woven Theatre was started in 2016 by a trio of young directors yearning to create. Together they put on their first season, producing four projects in the span of three months. Unlike many theatre companies, Woven Theatre strayed away from the standard model involving a board of directors and instead created an Artistic Council. Being founded by three directors, the thought of an Artistic Director didn't seem to make sense. Woven Theatre wanted to be a collection of artists that came together to create and grow. 


 Young artists are hungry. They strive to be everywhere and do everything at once because opportunities are precious, and they fear passing them up. Woven Theatre gives them a chance to create art on nothing but that tenacity. Woven Theatre seeks to provide unique, artistic opportunities for young people to explore and find their artistic identity and tell the stories they are passionate about. 


Woven Theatre is dedicated to the production and development of new art by young artists. We want to provide opportunities for young artist to continue to grow and develop in Nashville. 

The Team 

Past Seasons

Women Pioneer Series

Photo by Yohei Koinuma

Photo by Yohei Koinuma