The loom

The Loom is Woven Theatre's New Works Festival. Audiences will get the chance to hear and see staged readings of never-before done plays. The Loom is also an important step in the play process for our playwrights. It gives them a chance to hear their work aloud and give life and voice to the incredible characters they have created. Step up to The Loom and watch art be created before your eyes. 

Hello and welcome to the LOOM.


The LOOM is a new works festival featuring staged readings of 6 brand new plays from local and regional playwrights.

Each reading is ticketed separately and all tickets are pay what you can.

Below you will find the schedule and some information about each play.


August 9th at 7:30 PM

Mass by David Ian Lee, Directed by Courtney Potter

Kay abandons her life for an adventure, and finds what she's looking for in Leo, a brilliant cosmologist who believes a mutation in Kay's genetic code can unlock all secrets of creation. In an abandoned corner of the Arizona desert, Kay and Leo confront life-threatening forces -- and the unexpected arrival of Kay's husband, Tom -- in a search for meaning at the edge of time and at the end of all things. Also, there are orgasms.


August 10th at 7:30 PM

Incarnation by Julia Toney, Directed by Laramie Hearn

Naomi enters the virtual world of Incarnation on a mission to save her home. Obsession and passion prove to be two sides of the same coin when Drew enters the picture. Grappling with love in eternity, both Naomi and Drew realize not everyone is as they seem. What are you leaving behind?


August 11th at 6 PM

Initiative by Jacob York, Directed by Sam Lowry

Dave has cancer. It's aggressive. And terrifying.

He looks at his life and all he sees are holes; the moments he won't be able to have, if this cancer is successful in its malign task. He only sees one way out: Dungeons and Dragons.

Dave has a circle of friends that still play, and as he thinks back on the moments they've experienced in game, he doesn't remember sitting around a table, rolling dice. He remembers every spell cast, every enemy vanquished, and every cataloged item.

So, the new quest: to play through potential “memories” Dave might miss. His three friends, Tyrone, Benny, and Sky, sit down with Dave's girlfriend, Mel (a gaming newbie) and chart out a path to victory. If all goes well, Dave will be able to experience events as important as the birth of his first child and as seemingly minuscule as seeing the ocean for the first time.

But. That's if everything goes well. For, in the game, The Shade lurks...


August 11th at 8 PM

The Pitchforks by Andrew Kramer, Directed by Kyle Odum

The camera zooms in and you know exactly where we’re at. EXT. a shitty roadside motel. 
But then, we hold on a tight shot: INT. a group of old friends reuniting to escape wife and life. But as the sun sets, the heat rises... and old ghosts begin to walk among the living. A violent indictment and surprisingly tender love-letter to horror movies and the people who love (and make) them. 

It’s the type of motel where only two things happen: sex and murder...
In that order.

Rated R


August 12th at 6 PM

Sync by A.D. Timms, Directed by Natalie Risk

Brendan is a student that has recently been kicked out of college due to disciplinary measures. Tanya is a student that never leaves her room. One morning, they discover that they can somehow communicate telepathically despite living hundreds of miles away from each other.


August 12th at 8 PM

The Beekeepers: A Southern Fabulation, by Melissa Jane Carlson Directed by Courtney Schuster 

A Family without a mother. A baby without a father. A hive without a Queen. The Beekeepers is a magical realist mystery steeped in traditions of Southern Gothic, American tall tales, and that Old-Time Religion.