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The Loom

Woven Theatre is committed to and passionate about creating new theatre, and that is why we annually present The Loom, a new works festival in which new plays are selected for public staged readings. Plays are carefully considered from submissions, and the selected plays and playwrights are paired with directors that choose casts and set up rehearsals in preparation for the festival. We hope The Loom will serve as a platform for playwrights to hear and better understand their plays, expose them to a larger audience, and give actors and directors opportunities to explore and express their artistry.


               Our 2017 season ended with our first showing of The Loom, which presented one script: Opus: The Totally Real, Not Made Up Story of a Boy and His Skeleton by A. D. Timms. This play was chosen for a full production in our 2018 season. Our 2018 iteration of The Loom presented six scripts for readings, two readings each over the course of two weekends:

·        Mass by David Ian Lee

·        Incarnation by Julia Toney

·        Initiative by Jacob York

·        The Pitchforks by Andrew Kramer

·        Sync by A. D. Timms

·        The Beekeepers: A Southern Fabulation by Melissa Jane Carlson

The main goal of The Loom is the development of new works so that playwrights may hear the work aloud, an important part of the playwriting process. Several plays selected for the 2018 festival have received additional readings and full-scale productions. The Loom is headed by Woven’s Resident Playwright, A. D. Timms.


1.)    We are not looking for any specific kind of genre or theme. Submit the work that you are most passionate about working on.

2.)    That being said, we are not currently looking for plays geared towards younger audiences or musicals.

3.)    We are looking for plays that constitute as a full night of theatre, so full length one acts or two acts will only be accepted. Plays shorter than 70 pages or longer than 120 will not be accepted.

4.)    Only one play per playwright please.

5.)    We will only accept electronic submissions. Please submit through email at Please submit plays as pdf. files. In the subject line of your email, please write “The Loom 2019 Submission.”

6.)    Please provide a synopsis for your play as well as a theatrical CV/resume (these need not pdf. files.)

7.)    We have no problem with playwrights submitting plays that have received productions! However, we ask that you carefully consider the progress of your play and how beneficial this festival will be for it before submitting. A play with three or four productions probably doesn’t need a developmental reading.

8.)    This opportunity opens on April 10th and is only available until May 31st or until 300 scripts are received. Any scripts received after the cutoffs will not be accepted.

9.)  Playwright’s attendance to The Loom is encouraged, but not at all mandatory. However, please remember that The Loom was created in order to help playwrights better their work, so attendance would be beneficial.



               The Loom will be held at The Barbershop Theatre, a smaller black box theatre in Nashville, TN. Woven is part of The Barbershop Collective, an artists’ collective dedicated to creating innovative and insightful theatre and performance art. The second weekend of the 2018 festival was presented at this venue, and we are very excited to return to The Barbershop to present your wonderful plays! More information about The Barbershop can be found at The festival itself will be held in September; a definitive date will be given once our season has been announced.

If there are any questions about submissions, please email Timms directly at

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