Photo by Eric Ventress

Photo by Eric Ventress

Tall Tales

by A.D. Timms


A Queer Horror Play

Noah is a fresh college graduate that is forced to return to his hometown in rural Alabama after breaking up with his boyfriend. However, rumors of a murderer near their quiet town sours his reunion with friends, and it doesn’t help that Noah’s first ex-boyfriend, Dustin, has not only returned to church but is now engaged to a woman. As Noah struggles to find his new place in his old world, the murders continue, scandals are brought to light, and tragedy strikes in this slow-burn horror play about being smothered in the Deep South.

Tall Tales is a World Premier!

Directed by William Kyle Odum


Jack Tanzi as Noah

Fiona Soul as Cynthia

Amos Glass as Dustin

Cody Hartman as Micah

Josh Inocalla as Jimmy

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Tall Tales will be held at The Barbershop Theatre, a smaller black box theatre in Nashville, TN. Woven is part of The Barbershop Collective, an artists’ collective dedicated to creating innovative and insightful theatre and performance art. More information about The Barbershop can be found at

Photo by Sarah Johnson

Photo by Sarah Johnson