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Initiative by Jacob York

  • The Barbershop Theater 4003 Indiana Avenue Nashville United States (map)

David has cancer. It's aggressive. And terrifying.

He looks at his life and all he sees are holes; the moments he won't be able to have, if this cancer is successful in its malign task. He sees one way out: Dungeons and Dragons.

Dave has a circle of friends that still play, and as he thinks back on the moments they've experienced in game, he doesn't remember sitting around a table, rolling dice. He remembers every spell cast, every enemy vanquished, and every cataloged item.

So, the new quest: to play through potential “memories” Dave might miss. His three friends, Tyrone, Benny, and Sky, sit down with Dave's girlfriend, Meg (a gaming newbie) and chart out a path to victory. If all goes well, Dave will experience events as important as the birth of his child and as personal as seeing the ocean for the first time.

But. That's if everything goes well. For, in the game, The Shade lurks...

Initiative is a New Play that was included in The Loom last season.

Directed by Sam Lowry

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Initiative by Jacob York
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Initiative by Jacob York